What To Consider When Choosing Food For Your Bulldog

6Are you a new owner of a bulldog? Having a canine addition to the family simply a wonderful feeling to get; especially when you relay want a dog even from before. Bulldogs have been used for bull and bear baiting before in Old England. However nowadays, the bulldogs are seen to be gentle, kind and peaceful. A lot of people have learned to love bulldogs and treat them as precious members of the family. They are usually medium in size and very muscular. They also weigh around forty to fifty pounds and they love to be held and cuddle.  One of the things you may want to think about is what to consider when choosing food for your bulldog?

How to pick the best food for your bulldog

Some bulldogs have a sensitive digestive system which is why you should be careful on what to consider when choosing food for your bulldog. These types of dogs are prone to hip dysplasia, they grow fairly slow and reach full maturity at two years. Then again bulldogs don’t fall on the active dog types and they have short noses however they would need to be exercised daily to be healthier.

Bulldogs that weigh about fifty pounds should have a very active lifestyle. They should have at least 1,358 calories daily intake depending on the age, the older dogs require less of this. Smaller bulldog puppies may want to consume a lot more calories since they are more active you should consider it, however, if your bulldog doesn’t want to go to the active lifestyle then you should feed him or her less.

One of the main factors your bulldog’s diet should have is the protein. Your dogs also need fat although not in excess but just about eight percent. Fat helps add flavor to the food and makes it more enjoyable for your dog to eat. You can also get high-quality dog food, however, they tend to be high in protein which is why you would need to choose wisely.